WCC Mentoring for Success Program

When we hear the words “Give Back” to a college, we usually think of financial donations and dollar signs. However, here at Washtenaw Community College, our Mentoring For Success Program provides a wonderful opportunity for professionals to donate their time and experience to our WCC students. Check out the ways to donate below.

Professionals in the Classroom Day
April 1-2, 2020

Professionals in the Classroom gives professionals the opportunity to discuss their education and career paths with students, to profile their companies and outline industry issues. With this program, both students and faculty get exposed to a real-world viewpoint.
For Faculty



“Thank you for organizing the Mentoring for Success event. It was truly a great opportunity to meet and connect with seasoned professionals that happily share their experiences and insight in their jobs.”

“The things that I’ve got from the Mentoring for Success Event and the activities with the mentors are truly priceless, they’re definitely things that I cannot gain from a classroom.”

Ahnas, Student

“While studying at WCC, I was a reporter for the Washtenaw Voice and wrote a story about the Mentoring for Success program. I also attended the event myself last May.

I meet a mentor from Michigan Radio there, which resulted in me getting an internship as a reporter at the station last fall. I was officially hired as a blogger at the station after my internship, and I absolutely love my job! The Mentoring for Success program helped me get my first real, professional journalism job.”

Paulette, Alumni